Figuring Out the Immediacy of a Window Glass Repair

Aside from their contribution to the improvement of your home’s aesthetic value, the windows also play a crucial role in keeping the interior space comfortable and energy efficient. Your windows allow you to bring in natural light or block the sun, thereby giving you the versatility to adapt to the different seasons of the year.


But like all other components of your house, the windows will break down or at least show signs of deterioration. When they do, you must be there to detect the signs, especially if emergency glass SA window repair is needed. Since you are no expert in fixing your glass windows, the best response for you as a homeowner is to figure out the immediacy of the repair, and when you do, you can call the pros to address the problem.


1 – The window frames are starting to crumble or rot.


It is likely that your window frames are made of wood, and there is nothing wrong with it. However, the most notable issue with wood is that there eventually will come a time when it starts crumbling and rotting. If you see those signs, it means you need immediate repairs because ignoring them will result in more significant problems like the entry of moisture, drafts, and it even can compromise your glass windows. When wood starts to warp, you will find it difficult to open and close the windows.


2 – Your windows are difficult to open or close.


Another sign that you need to have your windows fixed is when you find it difficult to open and close them. The problem is most likely broken hardware in the hinges or latch. Keep in mind that windows are designed for you to open them with minimal effort. So, if you need to sweat it out to open them, it means a professional window repair is in order.



3 – You suddenly notice an increase in your energy bills.


Once you notice a significant increase in your heating and cooling expenses even if you didn’t make any changes like replacing your old equipment, then it most likely is caused by a leak in the windows. It calls for an emergency glass SA window repair. Try to stand near the glass windows and feel if it is cold once you touch it. If it is cold, you can then use a candle to check for the presence of holes in the glass and frame. When the candle flickers, it means there is a draft in that part of the window, and you need to call an expert to figure out how to fix it.


You must realise that your windows play a crucial role at home, so do not ignore the signs pointing to the need for professional repair.