Bathroom Renovation Ideas You Can Use

Modernising a dated bathroom can be quite the challenge but one that is worth investing in because a tastefully remodelled bathroom can add to the value of your property. It’s a challenge because you might have to work with a limited budget and you could spend more than a month without a working bathroom. But going over your budget and dealing with difficult contractors can easily be avoided by simply hiring a dependable and professional renovation specialist to execute your bathroom renovation SA tips. If you’re still mulling over designs and plans, here are top five tips to consider before breaking down any walls and shopping for fixtures.

Be neutral with your renovation. Now you might be tempted to put in a colourful toilet or dazzling tiles because they might just look attractive in your new bathroom. However, you need to consider the possibility that you might be reselling your home in the future and not everyone will be open to the idea of having a bathroom with pink tiles. Invest, instead, in classic colours and materials that never go out of style. Consider doing an all-white bathroom and decorating around that palette with fresh, vibrant accessories to inject colour.

Use space-enhancing elements if you have limited square footage. Maximising your bathroom space starts at the planning stage so make sure that your initial consultation with your bathroom remodelling specialist makes space a priority. If you can’t break down any walls to create an extra room, then ask your renovation specialist about the possibility of using floor-to-ceiling window or make sure to use monotone colours for your tiles and countertop to increase space.

Don’t forget the lighting in your bathroom. You can have dimmers installed for those soft, romantic nights and add mirrors to enhance natural light that floods in from the windows. If you have access to amazing views, whether it’s stunning skyscrapers or a peaceful lake against a mountainous backdrop, bring that scene into your bathroom by installing larger windows.

Reduce your carbon footprint by going for an eco-friendly bathing room design. Instead of the standard toilet, invest in a low-flow toilet or a dual-flush model (which will use up less water for a gallon of liquids). Instead of installing regular light bulbs, go for ones that use up less energy, allowing you to cut back on your utility bills. You can ask your bathroom renovation SA builder for some more inspirational ideas. Be sure to hire the best experts for a professional looking bathroom.