How to Choose the Best Driving School Sydney

Whether its for your teenage son or daughter, or yourself, theres always a driving school for everyone. But how do you find the right one for you?

Not all driving schools are the same. So to make sure you enrol in a school thats accredited and approved by your state, you will need to do some research. You should also not rush your decision. It takes a lot of consideration to find the right driving school Sydney. 

To help you out, weve compiled some useful tips that you can use when searching for the right driving school. Here are some of our recommendations:

What are Your Options?

Before you start your research, you need first to consider the kind of student taking the classes. Typically driving school fall into two categories:

  • Drivers education – this type of driving school is strictly for first-time drivers. Their lessons will be split between classroom instruction and actual driving.
  • Safety – also known as defensive driving, this course is for experienced drivers who would like to polish their driving skills. Some of these courses are available online and can even reduce your insurance premium.

Do the Research

driving-school-sydneyDriving schools are available physically or online. Check if the institute or online course youre planning to enrol is licensed and accredited by Australias Roads and Maritime Service. If you dont know where to start, inquire at your states Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). For information on defensive-driving courses that can reduce your insurance rate, check for your states road rules and regulations.

Get Familiar with the Curriculum

Several states in Australia have state-mandated curriculums for driving lessons. If you live in a state that doesnt have a mandated curriculum, make sure if the driving school Sydney youre going to choose is approved by a nationally recognized organization like the National Safety Council.

Check The Actual School

For driving schools with a physical office, you must check what they look like and consider the equipment and classes they are using. Do they have simulators? Determine how old they are. Find out if they provide textbooks or digital slideshows. Ask how long theyve been in business and get references from their former students.

Check Out the Vehicles

You should also determine what fleet of vehicles the driving school offers. Some driving schools let you use your car, but most prefer their line of vehicles. Check for the vehicle youre going to drive in and see if it has been appropriately maintained. Its also a good idea to check if the school youre going to choose has liability insurance. That way, you will know if the school has your back in case of an accident.

Get to Know the Instructors

Finally, go over the schools roster of instructors. Check their credentials and experience. Know their attitude and tendencies towards students. The best instructors are those with the most experience in the field and the ones who are patient when teaching.