Installing Electrical Dimmer Switches – What You Need to Know

The job of installing an electric dimmer switch is easy and straightforward. These things can be fitted to any lighting fixture, provided that the amperage limit matches. For example, a dimmer switch of about 600 watts would be able to control as many as six incandescent bulbs of 100 watts each. Hence, the measure of watts must be obtained before moving ahead with the installation.

Identify the lighting fixtures that would come under the control of the dimmer switch. Furthermore, note down the permissible power limits of each of these fixtures and find a final wattage value. This value would help you in buying the dimmer switch with the right wattage limit.

Before you move ahead with the installation, turn off the main electricity supply. Locate the electrical fuse or the breaker box and switch off all breaker switches one by one. In case you have an electric fuse, pull out the fuse cover. Confirm the electricity-deprived state of the concerned circuit by using a voltage tester.

Walk down to the affected electrical socket or receptacle and unscrew the cover plate. Observe the existing wiring scheme. Note down the wires that are connected to the two terminals of the old lighting switch. Furthermore, there could be a ground wire that is green in colour.

Unscrew the wires from the terminals of the old switch and remove out the old switch. Install the universal light dimmer switch in such a way that the ‘line’ and ‘load’ wires connect appropriately. Also, remove the ground wire from the metal frame as well. Do not use too much force on the wiring scheme as that could damage the surrounding electrical components.

The ‘load’ terminal corresponds to the lighting fixture. Hence, the wire coming from the concerned light fixture must be attached to the ‘load’ terminal. On the other hand, the wire from the primary circuit should connect to the ‘line’ terminal of the dimmer switch.

Restore the state of the internal wiring by tightening the screws of the switch terminals. Place the cover plate on the socket and tighten the bolts.

Turn on the main electricity and check the normal operation of the new dimmer switch. Control the dimmer switch and observe the functioning of the lighting fixtures.

Before you even think of installing a universal light dimmer switch, you must locate the right supplier to ensure that you have the best quality switch. With quality materials, you will be sure it will serve the intended purpose and for an extended period. There are many suppliers online, so getting a reputable one will not be a problem.