What Happens When You Do Not Prune Your Palm Tree

If you have decided to use palm trees in your landscape, then you should ensure that you are ready to take good care of them. A palm tree is a beautiful tree and a must-have in any garden. However, the beauty of a palm tree comes with doing proper maintenance; otherwise, if you fail to do the right upkeep, you will end up with a poorly groomed palm trees. Although a palm tree does not grow rapidly, when the fronds start showing some yellow colour or when you see some infected fronds, you should know that it is now time to prone your palm tree. However, what will happen if you do not prune your palm tree?

Well, if you fail to prune your palm tree, as mentioned above, you will not get that beautiful look you have always wanted. This is because the dead and the yellowing fronds will fall off and cover the stem. This way, your tree will not look healthy. In fact, your palm tree can become very heavy and lean on one side which soon will make the tree dangerous, and you will be forced to do a removal. Also, if the tree is not well pruned, it will result in poor growth which means you will not get the value you are looking for. Also, if you were interested in the palm fruits, you can expect reduced production as there is no sufficient light. Also, when fronds bend off, it becomes an excellent shade and home for rodents that will soon move into your house and cause damages. Birds will as well get refuge in a palm tree that is not pruned.

As seen above, a lot can go wrong when you do not prune your palm tree. Therefore, now you know that you should always keep your palm tree pruned for better looks, healthy tree and to get a tree that can add value to your home or landscape. Talking of pruning, this is not a DIY job unless you are trained to do so, and you have the tools. In fact, layman homeowner should only prune the palm tree when it is in the early stages of growth where one can prune while standing on the ground. Otherwise, for a safe and professional pruned palm tree, you should consider hiring professional palm tree pruning service Adelaide. Many palm tree companies can offer this service at an affordable price, and you can get your dream palm tree. A beautiful palm tree makes the owner look responsible besides adding beauty to the property.