Why Consider Hiring a Professional Plumber

A plumber is an experienced tradesman specialising in maintaining and installing systems used in sewage, drinking water and drainage systems. The word “plumber” originates from the Greek word plumbus. In ancient Rome, it was considered a position of authority and a highly skilled trade to hold. Plumbers were known to have held high positions in the Roman government as well as in civic society.

The plumber’s skills are not limited to repairing plumbing systems, but he can also help you with your homes’ major renovations, such as kitchen or bathroom renovation.

A plumber’s job is generally defined as dealing with all forms of human waste, particularly solid wastes created during lavatory and bathroom processes.

  • The plumber Burwood must carry out complicated functions such as loading and unloading sewage from a vehicle, arranging and unrolling waste pipes, checking drainage and washing systems, etc.
  • The plumber may also be called upon to undertake repairs or alterations to fix blocked drains or carry out maintenance work on drainage pipes. He may be called upon to remove soil, sediment or other obstructions that may be hindering the proper flow of wastewater into toilets or kitchens.
  • The plumber Burwood must have the basic plumbing knowledge and must have prior experience in the plumbing trade. He must have the ability to install pipes and perform basic plumbing works like installing faucets, holding water while lavatory or bathroom washes, etc. Though most of the plumbing work occurs inside the house, the plumber can also be called upon to install pipes outside the house, especially in places where there are no available sewer pipes. For example, the plumber may have to dig out sewage from beneath the floor to set up a septic system for homeowner’s use inside their premises.
  • Plumber BurwoodSome plumbers also perform specialised plumbing work. If a house owner or an apartment dweller requires the plumber to install showerheads and toilets for a communal bath, he may work either alone or in teams, depending upon how large the area is. In cases wherein several tenants share multiple bathrooms, the plumber Burwood may work in teams to ensure that all the toilets are properly installed and functioning. Some plumbers may work exclusively for builders or developers, while others may work in general plumbing companies and act as general plumber supervisors.

The majority of common plumbing problems occur due to the accumulation of debris inside the drainage pipe systems. Clogged drainage pipes result in a loss of water pressure, and consequently, taps and showers won’t lead to work properly. Clogged drainage pipes may also block stormwater drainage, which leads to water contamination.

Some people may choose to clean up the mess and drain it manually while others prefer to hire a professional plumber to remove the impurities and restore the water supply. A majority of people who consider hiring a plumber often do so because they have a plumbing emergency at home. For instance, they may need to repair a clogged toilet; they may want to replace a leaking pipe; they may be thinking of installing new toilets or leaking into the walls.