The Cost of Different Types of Solar Panels

Are you in trying to find an answer to the much-debated question of how much do the various types of solar panels cost? If yes, then the below information might prove to be quite useful for you. The answer to this question is not simple. The price of acquiring solar panels can range from $3/watt to around $10/watt. However, for an experienced handyman, the solar panels may cost even less than $1/watt. Wattage mainly prices solar energy units. Therefore, if you are concerned about the cost of solar panels, you should probably assess your wattage requirement first and then go for the options matching your wallet as well as your needs.

Well, getting back on the track, let us now discuss the costs of various types of solar energy panels available out there.

Professionally Installed Panels

If you want to get these solar energy units installed by industry professionals, you will have to spend around $7 – $8 per watt. The prices are high in this case due to a good number of other associated factors. The price may vary due to various explanatory reasons like the area you live in, the time of year chosen to get these units installed, difficulty in installation, type of solar cells chosen and finally, the service provider you hire for getting the task accomplished.

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Self-Installed Panels

A good number of online, as well as offline outlets, deal in solar panels that can be easily installed without any external professional help. By going with the self-installation panels, you can reduce your overall expenditure by over 50%. However, before going for this option, the cost of the entire project should be taken into consideration rather than just getting lured by the evident savings in overall expenditure. You can go for the all-inclusive solar panel kits for this purpose that will cost around $3 to $5 per watt. These kits include all the required things needed during the installation process. The prices of these kits may vary according to the quality of materials used, location of purchase, brand name and a lot many other factors.

Self-Built Solar Panels

A good number of homeowners opt to build their solar cells to save a good amount of bucks. However, it is not an easy choice but can prove to be easy in the pocket. These solar cells can cost anywhere around $1-$two each and are capable of providing one/two-watt energy.

By having a look at the information provided above, you must surely have found an answer to your question of how much do the different types of solar panels cost.