Tips on How to Search and Choose a Weighted Blanket

For most people, weighted blankets are a normal part of healthy sleep routines and stress relief, and for good reasons. Studies show that people who wear weighted blankets report higher levels of comfort and lower rates of back pain. Research also shows that weighted blankets can benefit people with insomnia, depression, autism and anxiety.

If you’re planning of investing in one of these blankets, there are a few things to think about when choosing the right one. The first thing you should consider your needs. Are you looking for a blanket that will provide extra help to someone who has a disability? Are you looking for reasonable all-over temperature control? Do you need more warmth or more weight for the blanket to provide more comfort?

You also have to consider that weighted blankets offer significant health benefits that are similar to other types used for sleeping. They help to regulate your body temperature while providing added support and cushioning, making them great for people who suffer from respiratory problems or those who experience chronic pain.

Once you’ve decided how you want to use the blanket, you must learn about the factors in choosing a weighted blanket. Here’s how you can go about it.

When you’re looking for a quality weighted blanket, make sure you buy from a trusted company. Many online stores offer discounted blankets at a lower price than what you would expect.

As you browse through blankets on your search, be sure to check out what kind of extras you’ll need to get what you want. Most blanket companies sell those with some Velcro straps that you can add to keep the blanket closed. Other companies include pillows that can support your back while you sleep.

Be aware of the size of your blanket as well as the type of bed you sleep on. A small blanket may be too heavy for your bed or vice versa.

Finally, once you’ve found the right weighted blanket for your needs, be sure to take care of it, so you don’t lose its benefits. Be sure to wash it on a gentle cycle and never hang it in the dryer. Remember to lay it flat if possible, to avoid any wrinkling.

Blankets made of polyester are best suited to use during the cold months of the year and a cotton blanket for warmer climates. In most cases, buying a more substantial sized will mean that you’ll be saving money in the long run.

Because these blankets are so versatile, they’re often purchased together to save money. In choosing a weighted blanket, consider buying a few extras to give as presents. Look for a few different sizes of pillows, a pair of underpants, and a blanket with extra fill to create a customized gift that you know your recipient will appreciate. If you’re looking for a unique present, try searching for them online. You can find a lot of unique blankets online.