The Lawyer Adelaide That You Shouldn’t Hire – Different Types of Lawyers That You Should Avoid

We’ve come to know that there are different types of lawyers. There’s a motor accident lawyer, a medical malpractice lawyer, criminal lawyer, wills and estates lawyer, and more. However, despite these specialisations, there are some lawyers that you wouldn’t want to hire. We’re not talking about what these lawyers specialise; but more on their characteristics and how they negotiate and treat their clients, which are undesirable. You wouldn’t want to have these guys helping you claim your compensation or defend you in court. If you already have a lawyer Adelaide, see if he or she belongs to the negative categories listed below:



The ‘Too-Busy-To-For-You’ Lawyer


Some attorneys tend to distance themselves from their clients. These are lawyers who focus more on acquiring as many clients as they can without considering the quality of service they provide. A lawyer who has their hands full tend to leave each of their clients hanging; only calling them when they have any questions or only seeing them when you have a court hearing. If your lawyer is just like this one, you’re better off hiring someone else, as you’re not going to win your case with a busy and preoccupied lawyer whose only goal is to get as many clients as he can.


The ‘No-Contract’ Lawyer


Another lawyer that you need to refrain hiring is someone who doesn’t have a written agreement with you. These types of lawyers are only after the money that they’re going to make from you. They’re so focused on getting money from their clients that they tend to skip the formalities such as a written agreement and jump right into negotiating the fee that they get. When the prospect you’re about to hire doesn’t offer a written contract, then call off the deal right away unless they reconsider.


The Courthouse Lawyer


This type of lawyer is always seen loitering around the courthouse looking for potential clients. If your lawyer Adelaide is always preoccupied with trying to lure in clients while still handling your case, then you should consider looking for someone else who has all their focus on you. The courthouse lawyer isn’t interested in winning your case. They’re like the too-busy-for-you lawyer – they only care about getting as many clients as they can. The only difference is that the former does it rather blatantly. Either way, avoid these types of lawyers.


There are other types of lawyers that you should avoid. For a complete list of these undesirable lawyers, access the full article on our blog page. If you’re looking to hire a professional lawyer Adelaide that doesn’t belong to the ones that were mentioned, hire one of ours today.