What Are Door Locks, Door Levers, Door Knobs and Pulls?

Door levers are very popular because they offer unparalleled entry convenience, and they are available in keyless and keyed models. Keyless entry door levers allow you to open and close the door both from the inside and outside using a turning mechanism on the handle. You can use them on exterior doors as well as indoor ones. It is recommended that the keyless entry door levers be used with a deadbolt to provide maximum security. For more information, visit www.loandcointeriors.com.au now.


Keyless entry door levers have a slot that enables them to be slipped through a typical lock. They are generally used for house or property security and are commonly found on fences, garage doors, and cars. The locking mechanism of these devices has a safety mechanism that provides two levels of security. The first level secures your home or car from unauthorised access; the second secure your property from vandalism or theft. These devices are also useful for external use, especially on the driveway and near the gates. If you are concerned about home security, you should consider purchasing these locks.


Keyless entry door levers also come in a variety of finishes and designs. Some of the most common designs are keyed generally used on exterior doors, keyless deadbolts, and double cylinder deadbolts. However, it would greatly help if you also considered purchasing other types of locks, such as double cylinder locks and keyed or keyless operated locks. Keyless locks on windows are also becoming more popular with the use of window sensors. A window sensor will detect when a person tries to enter a room through that window. For more information, visit www.loandcointeriors.com.au now.


If you are looking for exterior door handles and lever sets, there are many different styles, including ivory/ivory toned, bronze, brass, brushed nickel, chrome, antique bronze, brass, champagne, gold, honey and satin finishes. The exterior door handles are available in many different materials, including aluminium, acrylic, brass, copper, fibreglass, iron, leather, brass, polished brass, stainless steel, and even titanium. Lever sets can be purchased separately or as part of a combo set. Some combination sets include door handles, lock cylinders, door locks and hinges.

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The door handles and lever sets mentioned above are just a few of the many different handles and lever sets available. They are available in a wide range of prices, finishes and material types. Although, there are several different styles to choose from, like: doorknobs, handles, pulls, door pulls, turn plate sets, spinners, vertical bar, vertical bars, and more. The type of finish that you can choose from includes: brass, chrome, gold, silver, rose-bud, satin nickel, wrought iron, wood tone, oil rubbed, brushed metal, black oxide, brushed bronze, oil rubbed bronze, chrome plating, matte, and a variety of other decorative finishes. For more information, visit www.loandcointeriors.com.au now.