Why You Should Always Prefer an Authorised Volkswagen Service Shop

If you recently bought a brand new or used Volkswagen vehicle, you know for a fact that it is your job as the new owner to have it appropriately maintained so that the car will run smoothly and with no safety issues. Regardless of the model or type of Volkswagen vehicle you chose, the truth is it is your responsibility to take it to an auto service centre or shop for regular maintenance and repair needs. Things like oil change, alignment, tire rotation, and changing brake pads must be performed regularly, as well as minor repairs and preventative replacements.

At this point, you can prefer to go to any shop nearby or choose an authorised Volkswagen service Adelaide. If you decide to go with the latter, you expect the following advantages and benefits:

1 – Your car is a Volkswagen, which means you also should go to an auto shop which specialises in the repair and maintenance of vehicles manufactured by the iconic European brand.

Simply put, you should go to a qualified and certified Volkswagen service centre because you expect the mechanics and technicians to have undergone training in fixing and maintaining the brand’s models. Keep in mind that even if you have a friend who happens to be a mechanic or auto repair expert, you still cannot go to that person if he or she does not have the expertise in handling Volkswagen units.

2 – If you bought a brand-new Volkswagen, going to an authorised shop means your service may be under warranty.

It is true that most auto shops near you will honour the third-party warranty, but we strongly advise on you relying on it. It is no secret that some auto shops offer lower prices for both parts and labour, it still does not beat the fact that if you go to the authorised service centre, you may not pay a single dollar because of the car’s warranty still in play. Some Volkswagen shops even offer free maintenance for several years.

3 – You cannot expect all local auto shops to be completely aware of the latest car technologies.

It makes sense to go to a Volkswagen service Adelaide since you are confident that they always make it a point to adapt to new changes in the car repair and maintenance industry. Unfortunately, the same may not be said for a local auto repair company. In case there are company recalls and updates, it means you will be at an advantage if you are a loyal client to the authorised service centre since you get first-hand access to the recall or update at no cost.

Finally, if you need to replace a broken part or component of your vehicle, you no longer must go to an auto shop to get it. Instead, you head straight to the authorised service centre to get what you need.