How to Buy Your First Pair of Boots

Boots are perhaps the most important part of backpacking or hiking equipment you will ever purchase. You either can live without a good pair or an inferior pair (as many of us have), but poorly fitting boots are often a real pain. In this article, we will give tips on buying your next pair of boots. Hopefully, by the time you have finished reading this, you’ll exactly know what to look for when buying your next pair of boots.

BootsWhen it comes to Boots, there is much more to consider than just leather and size. One thing you might not have thought about is that some boots are lined with suede. It is not to say that this type of footwear should be avoided, just that it is crucial to keep in mind that suede is lined in leather, and it will rub off over time. Suede shoes also tend to take on a patina, so you may not want to purchase a pair that has seen better days.

Your first tip in finding a new pair of Boots is to ensure you get a pair that fits properly. Most people wear their shoes on their feet. If you fit yourself in the middle of the shoe and it slides around a bit, it probably is too big. If it slides to the ends, it probably is too small and will not provide enough room to wiggle your toes.

Leather soles are a must. If you are going to wear a leather hiking boot, then get a full-grain leather upper. It means it is top grain – meaning it is the very top layer of hiding from the animal it came from. It will give you more flexibility and durability. It also makes your shoe last longer since it is made of more leather.

Ankle boots can sometimes be hard to fit. You will have to take them in both simultaneously to get an accurate picture of how they fit on your foot. You need to have an inch and a half of space between your big toe and the end of the ankle boot. It will allow your foot to flex easily without pain.

Another point to consider when buying winter boots is to go with something sturdy. Moccasins are all well and good, but you can damage them quickly if you walk in them on snow or slush. Go with solid ankle boots. Look for soles that are thick and durable to keep you comfortable and protect your feet if they should happen to slip out of place.

Go with shoes with a little bit of a heel. Heels are significant because they fit snugly to your feet and provide excellent support. However, if you have wide feet or are prone to having your heels hit the ground while you are walking in your boots, you will want to look for a pair with a little bit less of a heel.

Finally, remember that no matter what type of boot you purchase, you need to be sure to buy one with some arch support built-in. It will help keep your feet properly aligned as you walk in your new pair of cowboy boots. If there is no arch support built-in, your feet will naturally try to keep their balance as you walk. Unfortunately, this can lead to several problems, including bunions and hammertoes. Keep your new boots from developing these problems by buying one with good arch support.

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