Antenna Installation Brisbane – How to Install an HD Antenna

A long time ago, TV antennas used to involve spindly pairs of metal rods – called “rabbit ears” – installed on top of your TV. It requires smart positioning to work. It can be quite frustrating as frequencies on this type of antenna tend to be inconsistent. That means you have to re-adjust it to get consistently good receptions. Fortunately, we’ve moved on from rabbit ear antennas and are now enjoying the benefits of modern HD antennas. With that, antenna installation Brisbane has also changed to accommodate this new technology. That’s why in this article, we’re going to show you some of the considerations that you need to acknowledge to install an HD antenna properly.


Determine the Status of Your Location

It’s essential for you to be familiar with the signal status of your area. That way, you’ll know where to position your antenna to get the best receptions and channels. Get a general sense of where you’ll put your antenna by visiting sites such as All you need to do is to enter your ZIP code, and the site will immediately show the locations of your local TV broadcast antennas relative to your home’s position. It will also give you some insights on the right type of HD antenna that you will need.



Choosing the Right HD Antenna

If you’ve done your homework, you’d know that there are various types of modern TV antennas. Deciding which one will suit your location can be daunting. But that’s why you have to help you choose. Most of the time, the antenna that they suggest are the ones that fit in nicely to your current location. That’s why you should take their suggestions with great considerations as well. At the same time, you will also choose between indoor and outdoor antennas. Both have their perks and downsides. However, it will depend on the results you get on your research, as well as your personal preference. Get a full list of HD antennas and how you can configure them to your liking. Visit our website today.


Where Do You Place Your Antenna?

Where you will place your antenna will depend on which part of your house you will position it. However, the most common places that you’ll be putting your antenna will be as follows:

  • In a window
  • Outside
  • Behind the TV
  • High on a Wall
  • Closest to the broadcasting towers

Again, for more information on each of these positions, visit our website today.


Hire an Antenna Installation Brisbane Expert

Of course, if you don’t want to deal with the burden of having to install your HD antenna on your own, you can always hire professional antenna installations to help you. Call our hotline today, and we’ll connect you to one of our expert antenna installers.