Some Common Physiotherapy Exercises

Physiotherapy exercises are a vital part of the recovery process for patients suffering musculoskeletal pains. There are many exercises targeted at different parts of the body and often are used in conjunction with other treatment options like surgery and medication.

The range of motion exercises

This is a common physiotherapy exercise. It is usually performed by individuals suffering from joint problems including shoulder joint, knee joint, and elbow joint. Due to injury, the bones are often inflamed, stiff, and swollen. As a result, achieving maximum movement becomes a problem. Imagine yourself being unable to straighten your elbow or your leg fully. It will cause you lots of discomforts. The range of motion exercises can efficiently loosen any tight tissues and help to improve the flexibility of your joints slowly.

Strengthening exercises

This exercise can be prescribed before and after any surgery. Before the operation, the muscles need to be strong as patients are often required to rest for a specified period, resulting in atrophy of the muscles. Strong muscles before surgery can help to reduce the levels of weakness and hence better support of the injured parts. After the surgery, patients’ muscles will need to be strengthened to facilitate its relief and recovery and to withstand the weight of the body.

Soft tissue mobilisation

The soft tissue mobilisation helps to relax tight and tense muscles which would otherwise be causing discomfort and pain to the patient. It is performed by a professional physiotherapist doing massage on the affected area, static stretching to relieve and relax stiffness and the use of therapeutic tapes which helps to improve blood flow.

General conditioning

This helps to provide conditioning of the body through cardiovascular physio exercises such as swimming, walking and jogging. It helps increase the flexibility of the joints as well as to improve the health of the patient.

Balancing exercises

Due to injuries, the body’s ability to balance the body may be slightly off, and for this reason, activities that help to restore the balance will need to be performed. The use of a parallel bar may be required to support the patient in maintaining balance, but as time goes by, one can stop using the bar.

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