TENS Machine – Is it the Ultimate Solution For Back and Neck Pain?

Before discussing what a TENS machine is and what it does, it is essential to know what a TENS machine is and what it is not. A portable external electronic device, the TENS machine, is used to provide relief from pain by delivering targeted levels of electrical stimulation. This type of stimulation has been clinically shown to relieve pain and other various ailments effectively. It can also be used during pregnancy to reduce the risk of damage to the fetus.

TENS-machineTENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, which means that the electrical current produced will only be applied to the affected area. The term ‘targeted’ here refers to the fact that electrical currents will be delivered to the specific area in question. This is different from traditional acupuncture methods, where the pressure exerted on the nerve is often much larger and varies widely. This is one of the main reasons TENS machines are such a popular choice, as they deliver very targeted levels of electrical current.

How a TENS machine works is based on the principle of delivering small amounts of direct current to the skin, which then causes the local nervous system to convey the information directly to the brain. Once the signal is received, the brain then decides whether or not the sensation is pain or some other sensation. For example, if you press your finger to your thumb, your brain will tell your fingers to feel a sensation of warmth, and this will cause the muscles in your thumb and index finger to contract. This heat feeling is what a tingling sensation feels like.

There are two main types of TENS machines – those used to provide relief from pain and those used to help relieve medical conditions. A TENS machine that provides pain relief uses small electrodes attached to the skin triggered by pain signals sent from a doctor or physiotherapist. As these TENS machines are connected to power, the current can then be adjusted and sent through the electrodes to target pain anywhere in the body.

Many doctors are also prescribing TENS machines to relieve conditions such as joint pain or arthritis. The main advantage of using a TENS machine is that there are no side effects associated with them. These machines do not react with the body but respond as your body would naturally react to stimulation – causing a sensation on the right part of the body and reducing pain accordingly. This is different from a painkiller, where the reaction can be more extreme, resulting in stomach upsets, headaches or even changes in heart rate or blood pressure. This makes the TENS machine an excellent alternative for the relief of pain.

TENS machines are a fairly straightforward way to provide temporary relief from discomfort. They have been found to reduce pain and inflammation, stiffness, and stress, which most people want when suffering from an illness. The advantage of using a TENS machine is that it is very portable, making it ideal for home use. The machines can be easily placed next to the affected area and left to provide a level of comfort until help arrives. If you choose a TENS machine, make sure that you buy one that is easy to use, has an extended warranty and comes with a guarantee. You may find that a portable TENS machine is all that you need.