Top Outdoor Garden Design Ideas 2019

Indoor gardens are starting to gain traction in residential and commercial settings, especially after Singapore’s Changi Airport unveiled its breath-taking garden. However, gardens outside the home are still trending worldwide. The best Outdoor Garden Designers Adelaide continue to work with homeowners to develop models that others can adopt.


Here are the top outdoor garden ideas that you can discuss with your designer.


Stone Pavement

Stone pavements made a statement in the residential sector decades ago, but these improvements are coming back this year. You can ask your Outdoor Garden Designers Adelaide about different stone options. Marble is also a popular choice these days, but you can also go for other stone types if you have children in the family who run around frequently. Safety is still more important than aesthetics.


In-Garden Patio

Instead of building your patio beside the main house, why not try something more unique such as building it in the middle of your vast garden? This design will work best for yards with substantial land areas. Your in-garden patio can be the ultimate highlight of your home if you do it right. Ask for assistance from an expert outdoor garden designer to ensure that your plan will be followed.



If your home is in the country, you can ask your garden designer to create a plan that will feature a pond in the garden. Your designer may recommend adding some benches or chairs beside the lake so you can enjoy your afternoon relaxation routines by the pond.



Orchids are some of the most aesthetic and exciting plant species in the world. Growing orchids may already be your hobby, or you want to learn more about these plants. Ask your designer to develop a garden model that will highlight your Orchidarium while also giving attention to the flowerbeds around.


Play Area

If you have children, why not turn your garden into their favourite spot in the home? Studies reveal that children who are allowed to play outside with appropriate monitoring develop stronger immune systems than those who stay most of the day indoors. Transform your garden into a spot where your kids can be themselves while ensuring their safety.


You can add a small playhouse, some swings, a seesaw, a slide, and other park amenities that will make your kids want to go home.


Before calling contractors to break ground on the project, consult with reliable outdoor garden designers first. Let them know about your ideas so they can provide feasible analysis and recommendations to ensure that your final design will work to your advantage. Call the experts today and make the best out of your outdoor space!