Why Baling Twine Is the Number One Option For Most Farmers

baling twineIf you’re in the agricultural industry, you will mostly find yourself in the field, working on making some fresh silage. You’re hoping to harvest and tie them up firmly together to store and turn into good quality hay or fodder for your livestock animals. However, without a durable rope, bale wrapping will become almost impossible. That’s why you have baling twine to help you get through the hardships of wrapping and storing your hay. Baling twine is a great, all-around cord that does almost everything.


You may think that it’s only fit for wrapping bales since you’ve gotten used to using it that way. However, you will be shocked at the number of uses that it can provide. However, the fact remains that it’s mainly used for wrapping and storing bales – hence its name. Australia produces the on of the best quality baler’s twine in the world. Their use of various fresh and all-natural fibrous materials is key to creating this fantastic cord. It’s a top-notch farming essential that will make your life more comfortable around the farm. In this article, we’re going to show you more about what baling twine is, what it can do, and why most farmers and producers prefer it over any other type of twine.


Get To Know The Baling Twine

Baling twine, also known as balers twine or silage twine, is a synthetic cord made or durable fibrous materials. Its primary purpose is for tying other fibrous products such as hay and straw into more compact forms for storage and stacking purposes. Most of the time, baling twine consists of the following all-natural materials: 65% Cellulose, 12% Hemicellulose, 10% Lignin, and 1% Wax. The natural components that make up baling twine will help with the bale wrapping and storing process. They help prevent moisture absorption and dust accumulation, keeping your bales clean and fresh throughout the storage process. This high-quality storage capability will enable your bales to transform into fresh, healthy, and nutritious fodder for the animals you will sell in the market.


Purchase Baling TwineNow!

If you’re not yet using baling twine for your bale wrapping, then it’s time that you start making the switch. The baling twine is a favourite product that gets sold in a flash. That’s why if you’re going to buy one, you should make a move now or the stores will run out before you even realise it.