Concrete Retaining Wall – What You Need to Know

A precast concrete retaining wall is commonly used to hold earth or other similar materials. Can as well be used to divide agricultural buildings such as a grain sheds or waste transfer stations to create storage spaces.

Concrete retaining walls Adelaide have gained favour over in-situ concrete walls or timber walls and are very popular for civil engineering projects. They are more economical, easier to install, and more environmentally sound than other options. There are two methods for putting up the retaining wall in place – by embedding them into a concrete floor, or by using a ground fixing kit. The benefit of the latter is that the concrete retaining wall can be moved later when needed.

When building a retaining wall, one important thing to consider is the force at which the material held is attempting to move forward and slide due to gravity. This creates a slanting earth pressure behind the wall. The earth pressure will push the wall forward or overturn it if not properly looked at. Also, the groundwater behind the wall that is allowed to build up will cause an additional horizontal pressure on the wall. This problem can be solved or avoided by placing suitable drainage holes in the wall. Although it can be an unwanted cost, getting a design from a structural engineer is essential and can save time and expense further down the line.

There is a range of products suitable for use as a concrete retaining wall Adelaide. The most suitable material will depend on some factors including the height of the wall, the substance retained, site restriction, and the budget. A few products that are worth considering include concrete panels, concrete crib, or L shape retaining wall units. While the material costs can look expensive, after reviewing the savings regarding installation, it often works out as the desired solution.

Your first step is to look at the concrete wall products in the market and have a chat with the manufacturers. Often, you will find they will help you with a design and provide the sign off of a structural engineer. Make sure you do good research and shop around, there are lots of different products out there, and the prices can vary a lot. With proper research, you will find reliable experts that will not only supply quality concrete walls but also offer installation services. If you do not know of anyone that can help you with installation, then you can consider talking to friends and doing research online. You will find someone or a company that can be trusted with the work. To get the best retaining wall experts, go to these guys.