Live Event Rigging – Appreciating Everything Behind the Scenes

You’ve probably been into at least one or two concerts, a theatre performance, or a sporting event before. During those times you were perhaps locking your attention on everything that’s happening onstage or on the game that you didn’t pay much attention to the efforts that were made to make these events possible. Everyone hardly notices everything that’s behind the scene – or what they call live event rigging. That’s why in this article, we’re going to give them the credit they are due. We’re going to educate you about rigging and why it’s so underappreciated yet vital to every event production.


What Is Rigging?

Before we convince you to start appreciating event rigging, we have to tell you what it is. So again, everything that goes behind the scenes is referred to has live event rigging. That includes the guys you build and design the stage, lighting, logistics, and the entire production involved. Rigging is all about the things that don’t require much attention even though they are crucial in making the whole event possible.


Riggers are the unsung heroes of the entire event. They’re the ones who set up the lights, speakers, stage decorations, and other essential structures on the walls and ceiling of the venue. That’s why rigging is a valuable part of any event that uses a stage. The bigger the event, the more it needs to apply event rigging.


Two Types of Rigging

It’s worth mentioning that rigging comes in two forms – theatrical and arena rigging. The former is for live performance events while the latter is all about sporting events. But while they may be different in purpose, it’s also worth mentioning that they are being handled by the same group of professional and highly-skilled riggers. However, some riggers tend to focus on one form. That means a rigging company can specialise in either theatres or arenas.

Hiring a Living Event Rigging Company

Due to the trade being quite in-demand, it won’t be hard for you to find and hire a professional event rigging company, especially here in Australia. When you begin your search, always prepare a list of applications and requirements. That way you can get a rigging company that caters to your needs.


Keep in mind that while you can expect that all prospects can meet the things you need, it’s actually not the case as there will always be one rigging company that does better than the others. If you want the best, hire us today, and we’ll provide expert and professional live event rigging services to your upcoming event.