Three benefits Of Weighted Blankets That Will Make You Want To Try One

Do you feel stress and anxiety most of the time? Are you suffering from insomnia every night? Do you need to get your life back and sleep soundly again? If so, then you need the benefits of weighted blankets to help you achieve just that! Calm and cozy, weighted blankets help ease the burden you feel inside using a technology called deep pressure touch receptors. It relieves stress and anxiety help you achieve deep sleep. It’s a kind of blanket that provides a lot of benefits to anyone who wants to try one.

Here are three amazing benefits of weighted blankets that will make you want to try one for yourself:

1.) Helps Break The Anxiety-Insomnia Cycle

A weighted blanket works by pressing your body down, which is a process called “grounding” or “earthing.” This process can be helpful since studies have shown that it reduces nighttime levels of cortisol – a stress hormone produced whenever your body is under stress. Cortisol is a hormone of the body, responsible for fight-or-flight response whenever you feel anxious or upset.

That also means you can get cause by the anxiety-insomnia cycle where even the thought of bed can cause your cortisol to spike. However, with the deep pressure touch receptor system from weighted blankets, it can promote enough relaxation and comfort to help break the cycle and get your sleeping better.

2.) Calms Your Body Down

We’ve all experienced that annoying feeling. Just when we’re settling down at night and getting ready for bed, we immediately feel active where our body and brain is tingling and in need for some action. A weighted blanket is a solution to this problem. It reduces nervous system activity, reducing the anxiety you feel while also calming your body down. To achieve the state of calmness, you should purchase a weighted blanket that’s about 10% your body weight. You can also check with a medical professional to help you identify the best-weighted blanket that suits with your body type and weight.

3.) Improves Your Sleep Quality

Anyone who has insomnia can breathe the sigh of relief knowing that weighted blankets can help them finally get to sleep comfortably. Insomnia causes you to sleep restlessly causing you to feel drained or unrested the next morning. It also causes you to wake up a couple of times during the night or have a hard time achieving deep sleep. A weighted blanket can help solve all of these problems as it helps decrease the constant movements of users. Weighted blankets help users feel at ease and comfortable, helping them settle down and sleep more soundly than ever.

Buy A Weighted Blanket Now!

Weighted blankets are available online starting at $100 on Amazon. If you want to finally improve your quality of sleep and alleviate your stress and anxiety, get your very own weighted blanket today!