Safeguarding Your Photocopier

Photocopying technology has played a significant role since its invention. The photocopiers help carry duplicate copies without the need for original documents. This way, there is a reduced risk of damaging or losing original documents. Photocopier machines have become very useful in homes, offices, schools, and businesses as they make business functions effortless and effective. Photocopiers have evolved with advancement in technology. Traditionally, standard black and white machines were used in all institutions to produce photocopies Geelong only in black and white. Multifunction photocopiers were introduced to provide more services such as printing, faxing and scanning. These machines can create copies of different colours and have a higher speed, which increases of services rendered.


Photocopying is a quick way of acquiring one or more copies of a document. It does not require a lot of knowledge and skills to operate and can be done at any time of the day. Multifunction photocopiers save on the cost of purchasing separate machines that perform different functions. It will save you much-needed office space and improves neatness. Copiers can also print on both sides of a paper, which makes the printing process quick and saves you money.



You do not want your photocopier to develop problems that could inconvenience you when you need to use it. Therefore, to enjoy the benefits of copiers, you need to safeguard your machine and perform a regular check to ensure it works excellently. You also need to be careful on the way you handle your device to avoid causing errors that hinder it from working efficiently. Some of the measures that you need to take to prevent photocopier problems include carefully plugging in and turning on the photocopier. You should carefully check whether the machine is on before beginning the process. Also, ensure that the original document is inside the copier and that the machine has enough ink and toner to produce the set photocopies Geelong.


Avoid spilling drinks and food on the photocopier. If possible, take your meals as far away from the machine as possible. It ensures that your photocopier machine is always in good condition. You should also avoid sitting or leaning on the photocopier to prevent damage. It could save you the cost of repairing your machine. Your copier could become slow at times. When this happens, you need to be patient and wait for it to respond well. Avoid pressing the buttons repeatedly or hitting your machine when it is slow to avoid damage. You may as well need to select the right size of paper for your photocopier. Printing papers are designed in different lengths, weight, and thickness to fit with different types of copiers. You should select the right size of paper to help you produce a good quality photocopy.