Everything You Need to Know About Home Rendering Melbourne

Are you looking to cover your brickwork with a render? This exterior finish may or may not be new to you. However, the one surefire thing is that it will make your walls pop with life and look attractive as well. The best part about it is that it also adds a layer of protection and insulation to your walls. So by merely rendering your walls, you’re getting a lot more benefits than just the aesthetic boost. In this article, we’re going to go over everything you need to know about home rendering Melbourne.


What is Render?

This section is dedicated to the people who are new to rendering and want to know more about it. A render is a plastered finish for external walls. It gives out a smooth and even finishes that help protect your brickwork against the outdoor elements. Traditionally, a render is built up in two to three coats. That way, cracks and won’t be able to develop and escalate.


What are the Different Types of Renders?

The number of different render finishes that we’re enjoying today is far from what the early years had. Before there were only grey pebble dash renders. Now, we have several different render finishes that are unique and can be used by anyone.


  • Cement Renders – considered as the standard option, cement render is a mixture of both sand, cement, and other elements. It’s mostly mixed on-site and applied in several coats. Once dry, it’s then painted. It’s essential to paint your cement render from time to time to retain its appearance.
  • Polymer Renders – this type of render is different from cement as it’s already pre-mixed. Some are even pre-coloured. Most of the time, polymer renders are through-coloured. That means the only thing you need to do is apply it onto your walls.
  • Thorough-coloured Products – this rendering Melbourne is where the pigment is added in the manufacturing process. Since the colour is already on the render, you won’t need to paint your walls since it already has a natural colour to it.
  • Lime Renders – this one is an older rendering Melbourne It hasn’t been used in decades. However, it’s starting to make a comeback as of the moment. Lime is the superior version of cement render. By using lime render, it’s less likely that moisture will be trapped in the brickwork. At the same time, it’s also more visually appealing. The drawback is that it’s more expensive and harder to apply.