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Security Doors Adelaide is known for their quality and customised fit for security doors. No other company compares! Here are some of their benefits:


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When looking for an effective way to secure your property, you should look for Aluminium security doors Adelaide. They are made of Specially Tempered Aluminium, which provides greater strength and peace of mind. These doors are complemented by high-quality framing and hardware. A 7mm-thick aluminium strand ensures that the door will meet Australian Security Door Standard AS5039. The Half Panel door features an embossed panel at the bottom half of the door, while the A127 Diamond Grille offers added security.

The aluminium security doors Adelaide are available with different accessories to meet your needs. You can choose between key-operated operation systems, lights, and indicators. Another option is a biometric wall screen. These screens are a great way to prevent people from entering your property because they are made from high-density photographs held onto the wall surface using a fingerprint scanner. As these doors are made from aluminium, you can choose various colours and patterns.


The security door Adelaide is an industry leader in South Australia regarding security doors. Its patented screw-clamp locking system and structural grade 304 stainless steel mesh provides exceptional strength and security against home intrusion while spreading the load across the door frame. Its sleek, modern design fits in well with many contemporary styles of homes. If you have a large front entry, security doors are an excellent choice. However, if your home includes an entertaining outdoor area, a traditional grille door will be a glaringly obvious target.

These doors are durable and easy to install. These security doors can last for decades. They come in several styles and colours, and some even have multiple layers of heat resistance. And they are available with a high-quality powder coating to prevent scratching and rusting. Because they are durable, you won’t have to make any significant changes to your home’s design to install them. Most people don’t need to replace their existing doors when switching to steel security doors in Adelaide, but they may need a minor adjustment to the door frames.

Diamond grille

A diamond grille is a type of grille installed on security doors. This type of security door is most commonly found in homes in Australia and abroad, but it is not suitable for modern Australian security requirements. Instead, there are better and more affordable options available. Listed below are some of the benefits of a security door with a diamond grille:

The Diamond grille is a tried and tested product that has been the standard security screen for decades. These windows and doors are available in multiple sizes and colours, and the diamond grille can be installed in either a sliding or hinged style. This style also features a double diamond-shaped screen made from fibreglass, perforated aluminium, or a privacy mesh. The screen is also available with a matching window screen for additional protection.


Invisi-Gard security doors Adelaide combine marine grade 316 Stainless Steel with aluminium to offer utmost vision clarity and uncompromising security. Custom made in Adelaide by Burns for Blinds, Invisi-Gard security doors have a proven track record. With a patented EGP retention system, Invisi-Gard security doors are fully tested to Australian Standards and BSI-approved for residential use.

Unlike conventional steel windows and doors, Invisi-Gard security windows and doors are high-quality stainless steel. These windows and doors are designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions and are crafted to comply with Australian Standards and BAL40. KNA Security is a qualified Invisi-Gard dealer in Adelaide for your home’s safety. We offer competitive prices and finance options. And our friendly customer service representatives will make the entire process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Security Doors Adelaide

Security Doors Adelaide is a great way to secure your property from burglars and thieves. This company uses only structural grade 304 stainless steel mesh and a patented screw-clamp locking system. This combination provides the strength and security needed to deter intruders while spreading loads across the door frame. The security doors Adelaide offers look great and are ideal for large doors, such as those in entertaining outdoor areas.

Security Doors Adelaide is a trusted name in the security door industry. Their patented stainless steel design makes them a perfect match for your home. They’re also easy to clean and feature a smooth, sleek finish. Moreover, ClearShield security doors complement the aesthetics of modern Australian homes. In addition, the security doors are available in more than 200 different colour options.