What to Know When Installing Shade Sails

Many people consider shade sails as a quick and affordable way to get some shade from the relentless baking sun. However, you can’t just install a shade sail anywhere. As the name suggests, a sail in the wind acts as the sail on a yacht. Therefore, you should be careful when installing them to avoid a lot of stress.

A professional and excellent looking shade sail is stretched to a high tension to minimize the flapping and the waving which prevents the rapid wear and tear of the cloth and its fixtures. A good shade sail requires a shade cloth that is designed for shade sails and tension structures. The shade sails are used outdoors which means they are left exposed to the harsh weather conditions. For this reason, what the shade sail is made of should be put into consideration before you can buy the pre made shade sails Adelaide.

The sails cloth, stitching, its fittings and fixtures must stand up to the constant barrage of all the elements or else you will not have shade for a very long time. Where will you attach it? Poorly installed shade sails will not serve the intended purpose. Therefore, it’s better to seek professional installation service if you feel you can’t do it.

When it comes to installing quality shade sails, there are some guidelines to be followed before you can do the installation. In fact, a building approval is required. Yes, you heard me right. Depending on your location, there are regulations everywhere, and that is why you need to research in advance and know if a building approval is required to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.


Some local council regulations will take a look at your neighbours if you do not have a building permit and your neighbour makes a complaint to the council, the council will most likely issue a destruction order which must be complied with, and this means that your investment goes to waste. Therefore, just be sure to seek the necessary permissions before electing a shade sail.

Does it seem like too much to bother? It’s a big no. Shade sails are very affordable that a tacky flat-roofed patio and will look more sensational when done professionally.

Be it that you are going custom or buying pre made shade sails Adelaide, consulting an expert is always a must. This way, you will know how to do an installation that will result to no complaint from neighbours. Do not just get corners by assuming you know everything, get the right advice and have a shade sail that will serve all your needs before disturbing the peace of your neighbours.