The 2 Most Common Digital Marketing & SEO Adelaide Mistakes

Digital marketing is a complex and intricate process. It may look simple, but it involves a lot of factors that can get tricky quick. However, the moment you achieve your goals, digital marketing can be the most potent tool for increasing your return on investment and potential clients. However, before you even reach that point in your campaign, you must acknowledge that you’ll commit errors along the way. These mistakes are mostly the ones that are holding your brand back from taking the next step in improving your online presence. That’s why, in this article, we want you to recognize two of the most common digital marketing & SEO Adelaide mistakes. That way, you can avoid them in the future.


Being Oblivious to Your Goals

The golden rule of digital marketing states that you should first, “know your goals.” It may seem straightforward. But it actually speaks on a lot of levels. When establishing a digital marketing & SEO Adelaide campaign, you should always be aware of your goals. It’s the reason why you’re doing online marketing in the first place. However, people like you tend not to know their goals or follow the wrong ones.


Either way, it will lead you nowhere. It’s easy to say that “I want my business to be on every social media platform.” That’s great. But why? Why do you want to have your business on every social media platform? There has to be a reason.

Another thing is that, “will it result in gains and tangible results?” If you truly want to discover your real goals for online marketing, it’s time you have a chat with one of our digital marketers. Give us a call now or schedule an online appointment on our website.


Not Knowing Who Your Target Audience Are

The second one is also crucial. Digital marketing & SEO Adelaide is also about showcasing your products or services to the ideal group of people. These people are going to be your target audience. They’re are in need of your what you have to offer. These people are the ones who will benefit from engaging and interacting with your brand – whether it be for information or what your brand offers.


Unfortunately, this is also another common mistake that most people do. Not defining your target audience means you’re doing online marketing with your eyes closed. Not having the ideal person or group of people to promote and advertise your brand will lead you to nowhere. It essential that you pinpoint these people. They will not only give you the most attention, but they will also have the highest chance of acquiring your products or services. Don’t be like the average person who commits a silly mistake by advertising to everyone. Not only will you get little to no profit out of it, but your search engine ranking will also plummet as well.