Making Silage – Why You Need Silage Covers

Securing enough feeds for the livestock is never easy. You have to do a lot of work and invest a lot of money to ensure that you have enough food for your livestock animals. It all starts by planting plenty of animal feeds which can later be harvest and preserved for future use.

For you to succeed in the livestock business, you must first ensure that you know the right time to harvest the fodder for preservation. Also, you must know how to prepare the collected feeds for conservation. When it comes to preserving animal feeds especially hay, the best way is to make silage.

When it comes to making silage, it is not a laborious process, but it takes a lot of skill. First, you need to harvest the fodder on time, and if you do not know the right time, you can always consult agricultural experts. Once you collect your feed, you need to chop the fodder into two-centimetre pieces. The easiest way is to use a mechanical chopper especially if you are making silage for a large scale livestock farm.

It is always recommended to do the chopping where you intend to store the silage to avoid transportation cost. After chopping next is to compact the silage. Compacting helps in the air. If air is not removed correctly, bacterias might grow which will affect the quality of your silage. The final stage is covering your silage.

When it comes to covering your silage, this is the most critical stage. If you mess at this stage, then trust me, you will have nothing to feed your livestock on as all the silage might rot. What should you know when it comes to covering your silage? Well, it’s straightforward, you just have to buy quality silage covers. A quality silage cover will help you keep the silage safe from weather element and air which ensures that your silage remains of high quality.

The silage cover is a durable woven polyethene fabric that provides excellent protection against tearing and accidental damages. Most silage covers are green in colour and come with up to 18 month UV warranty. If the sheets are well taken care of, most of them have a life expectancy of three to four seasons.

When buying the silage covers, always ensure that you are purchasing from the best dealers to be sure of the quality. If you’re not careful, you might buy a poor silage cover which will not serve the intended purpose thus risking the preserved silage. Always do your research before you can order a silage cover from the dealers? You can ask friends to refer you to a dealer, or you can as well do your search online.